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by Michele J. Harris

About Me

I began formally studying art at the age of 6. I was very fortunate that my family recognized my passion & always supported me. Every Saturday of my childhood was spent in art school. This led to attending High School of Music & Art (the ‘Fame’ High School) & then Cornell University on an art scholarship.

In 1976 I moved from New York to study painting at the San Francisco Art Institute. That’s where my medium of choice changed from painting to photography. I fell in love with the power of photo-journalism & began free-lancing and picking up assignments from the Examiner Newspaper, UPI & Associated Press.

As an artist, my life has never been a straight path. I’ve always been open to new adventures and so… that’s when life took an odd-ball turn & I co-founded a Kung Fu school… the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy… HUH???!!!

The Kung Fu school led to performing at a television station & that’s where another door opened. As soon as I entered the television studio it was like being struck by lightning. I knew I wanted to work in television. I got an internship at KTVU FOX 2 in Oakland California. Just a few short months later I got my dream job as producer of children’s programming. This was now my art & everyday was pure creative joy! And along the way I won 4 Emmy Awards & also produced the late-night cult favorite ‘Kung Fu Theater’ on KTSF as well as stories for the MDA Telethon.

It was as a producer that I had the joy of going on location every year with Ringling Brothers Circus where I filmed educational children’s stories. This is where my love of the circus grew and is represented in my photo series ‘Farewell the Greatest Show on Earth’.

Adding to life’s twists & turns… I co-founded, the Latin version of craigslist in Mexico & USA. Be sure to check it!

Now retired from TV & the Kung Fu school, I am returning to photography & all things creative.